Photo caption: An underpaid teacher and uniformed high school students work in non-air-conditioned classrooms during the morning shift in the village of El Cedro. On the wall left of the open windows, which let in mosquitoes as well as breezes, is a train of letters and numbered cards to assist the afternoon shift of primary students.

Highlighting a small portion of my three-month exploration of the Dominican Republic, this site gives the world history and geography students of Quest Academy a little peek into the daily lives of the local people through an exhibit of my photographic images, historical research and journal entries. The purpose of this website is to inspire Quest students to discover the world around them, such as this island nation’s colorful culture. The quest is that each student will read the photo captions, historical notations, and daily blogs of this site and then dig deeper by clicking on every hyperlink within each journal entry to uncover further insights into Dominican history and culture. Finally, students will share what they have learned with their peers in the classroom.

Introduction                                                                                                     1st Journal Entry