Photo caption: An elderly woman gazes from the front window of her modest home on the outskirts of the village of El Limon, Dominican Republic.

For the entire year of 2007 I wandered through fourteen Latin American countries in search of new experiences that would awaken me from an unwanted sleep. Since I was going solo I wanted to share some of my memories. Though it has been said that a photograph is worth a thousand words, the teacher in me can’t help but research and publish historical and cultural findings in a small attempt to educate readers in the truths behind the frozen moments in time. Wanting you to walk in my worn-out tennis shoes, I’ve also included personal notes from my journal so you can follow my thoughts as well as my footsteps.

On New Year’s Day, with a bulky Canon SLR camera and a backpack crammed full of old clothes, maps from around the world, malaria pills, and a blank journal, I boarded a plane bound for an island that had never crossed my mind before. Though I was forty-one years old, this was not a mid-life crisis. This was going to be an adventure of a lifetime, one that I wanted to live to the fullest.

For all of 2007 I survived without a cell phone, laptop, iPod, video games, or any other portable, digital device. By leaving those things behind I was able to focus on and absorb the sights, sounds, and smells all around me. This allowed me to see and appreciate the differences in the Dominican people and culture. I learned about their hatred of their Haitian neighbors and their love of baseball, dominoes and cockfighting. They are a passionate people and I got to know them well.

Now I want you to know them better. To get started, click on the menu at the top right or click on the 1st Journal Entry below.

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